Wear Knot™ Drill Pipe

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RDT's Wear Knot™ Drill Pipe solves the problem of premature tube wear seen in today's aggressive drilling applications and also achieves faster penetration rates in unconventional shale plays.



  • Integral Wear-Knot™ design - field proven
  • Solves middle tube OD wear
  • Adds stabilization to joint in well bore
  • Enables faster penetration rates in directional and horizontal wells
  • Substantial increase in Drill Pipe tube life
  • Available in all API, Double Shoulder (DS) and high torque connections
  • Available in all API and Sour Service grades


Wear-Knot™ Drill Pipe Dimensions

The Following dimensions are API cominal common sizes and can be changed due to customer request or other connection configurations:

DP Size Weight Range Tool Joint A B
4" 14# II or III 4-7/8" OD x 2-7/16" ID 4-1/2" 12"
4" 15.7# II or III 5" OD x 2-7/8" ID 4-1/2" 12"
4-1/2" 16.6# II or III 6-1/4" OD x 3-1/4" ID 5-1/2" 12"
5" 19.5# II or III 6-5/8" OD x 3-1/4" ID 6" 12"
5-1/2" 21.9# II or III 7-1/4" OD x 3-1/2" ID 6-1/2" 12"
A = Wear-Knot™ OD
B = Wear-Knot™ ID
Wear Knot Dimensional Diagram
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